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Bat blood stone
Bat shaped necklace and brooch (2-in-1) design from the Reystyle gothic jewelry line, w. red stone.
Vampire kiss bag
Shaped like beautiful red lips with vampire fangs, this gothic handbag by Kreepsville 666 is printed with a black bat and "glampire" design on the back. 


Price:   $99.95
Sale: In stock
Nice thing gothic black plastic and mesh padding cyber armor. This gothic cyber bodice is very nice.has following features:
from the S.D.L. cyber armor line.
armor padding 9 pieces of alien .
mesh layer with pads are black plastic.
front zipper.
on sides with stretch fabric.
side straps with adjustable elastic.

    Punishment Fit

    Price:  $34.99
    Sale: In stock
    Nice thing gothic Queen of Darkness very nice men's clothing long-sleeve shirt from the  collection, striped with cut holes.
    stripes 3-in-1 look, black.
    separate layer is striped fabric.
    striped fabric in cut-holes .
    crew neck wide.
    quality and design by Queen of Darkness. beautiful clothing.


    Dead Bat skull cameo 

    Price:  $14.99
    Sale: In stock
    Nice bat skull centerpiece three-dimensional 
    highly detailed with very good cracks, well-defined eye sockets and teeth made and polished hand finished and unique pewter from solid black plastic (nickel free) can be worn as brooch (pin closure on the reverse) all pieces  (no mass production) bat skull and cameo design by gothic artist .

      Dead girl coffin bag

      Price:   $48.99
      Sale: In stock
      Nice black faux-leather coffin bag matching Dead Girl print with green bone handle and and motive. This ghoulish zipper closure gothic bag Dead Girl on the lid, comes complete with chain strap and , and the convenient coffin shape will easily accommodate all your items. And although it does say the living will enjoy this beautiful handbag. its very good choice.

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